A crowd of surfers took to the water at Martinique Beach on Monday in support of the Black Lives Matter cause.

About 60 people took to the water with their boards, prepared for temperatures of about 4 C with warm wet suits.

The outing was organized by the Surfing Association of Nova Scotia.

A post on social media called for supporters to show solidarity with a peaceful paddle-out ceremony.

“We are aware of the uprising currently taking place in America and the rest of the world,” the post said. “SANS does not support racist ideals or sentiments of any kind, and will continue to work on learning, educating, supporting, and dismantling the systems of oppression in place. We stand with you.”

The association said it was necessary to provide a clear message of support for black people and black surfers “in this time of obvious oppression, unrest, and prevalent anti-black racism. We must be clear that we do not accept and will not accept racism in our waters or on the land.”

The post said SANS would accept donations of used gear for the North Preston Swim to Surf program, which aims to help youth of African descent with swimming lessons and assessments followed by surf lessons. It started in May 2019.